Classical Excursion

These were doors that I put together to create a room divider and then painted on them. I painted these several years ago showed them, sold them, stored them for the guy, and in the end he gave them back to me. I wanted to take classical inspiration from paintings and sculpture and take them back to the model. Making them fleshy and golden and what the original model might have looked like. A fun exploration and study of art history.


Celebration of Pride

This is a piece for a competition that had the theme “A Celebration of _______” . I chose to work from a photo I took at San Francisco’s Gay Pride this year. The image is from the stage in the Faerie Village at Civic Center. A 22″x26″ watercolor on paper. Watercolor is still a new medium for me that I am trying to master.

Victorian Doors

These are doors that I faux grained and designed the graphic for the windows. The graining is based on faux mahogany, several years old now. The design for the window is based on a French line drawing from a castle somewhere. I made a graphic translation of the design, cut it out of clear contact paper and then had the windows sand blasted. Doing a pair of windows was challenging. I grained the rest of the entryway, but years of sun has taken it’s toll. The numbers on the transom window were painted by me as well.

Painting on Fabric

Usually I paint patterns on walls. At times, I’ve tried painting on vests and T-shirts with reasonable results. A friend wanted me to paint a jacket for her, unfortunately the jacket was corduroy. Knowing that I should not paint on corduroy I did it anyway. The result looked a little distressed – the fabric really sucks up the paint. She requested a skull to be included in the design. This is the result. Also included is a pattern on a vest with a more forgiving fabric. I’m fond of metallic paints for walls and fabric. The pattern designs are inspired by historic sources.

A Trip to Oakland

I usually don’t post photographs – I paint from them. I always take a camera with me, because I never know when something interesting will pop up. Keep in mind some of these were on a moving bus. Here are a few pics from a trip to see my friends across the Bay.

After Rubens

This is a large drawing that I did several years ago. There was a painting by Rubens with these figures in the corner. This is drawn from a relatively small photo from a random art book. I don’t think I could ever find it again. For me this is a study of figures that captivated me from an old master. I had kept this frame for years without putting anything in it until these figures came along. Colored pencil on paper.

Discover Mural

The client wanted a mural with the word DISCOVER for an office space in an apartment. I chose to paint and draw it on transparent mylar so they could take it with them when they moved. They had just come back from Italy and I incorporated their trip into the piece. Interspersed between the letters are drawings of Italy and classical references.