Azure Cricket is my decorative painting and fine art business. I wanted to highlight some my projects here. I thought I should start at the beginning, with a drawing I did when I was eighteen. As a teenager in Northern Kentucky, I found solace at the public library. Discovering the Hollywood glamour photos of the 30’s and 40’s, I drew everything.

Marlene Dietrich was a stand out for me; she became my muse and has always inspired me. The gorgeous photos had so many shades
of grey and I tried to capture it in pencil. Here is a photo of a drawing of a young Dietrich – the first drawing I ever had framed. Dated 1983, she has goneall over the country with me currently with a place of honor in our apartment in San Francisco.

Every now and then I revisit the Dietrich mystique and try to capture some of it in my style. I’ve been painting wall treatments
with metallic paints and wanted to try painting a portrait with them. Here is a slightly rough, metallic version of Dietrich from
“Shanghai Express”. I want to do this in oil at a later date to really try to capture the Dietrich magic.