Modern Cricket

My commercial work is abstracts that stage homes for realtors. If you know me, I’m all about old stuff and antiques. This shows up in my personal work. I love patina, age and character. It is funny for me to see myself being so modern. I’m the lead artist for Nurture Source Designs that stages these homes. They’re requesting more from me ASAP because they’re so busy. I’m not coping today, but I have to be on point and do some more of these over the weekend.



Oakland at Night…

The previous two paintings were out at my studio for the Gilman Art Walk. We had a lot of people come through. Nobody noticed them. Nobody talked to me about them. It really depressed me. It took me a few days to post about them on here and Instagram. The day I posted to Instagram, I had a curator for 1340 International Art Magazine suggest I submit to their Instagram. I did that and then had another curator suggest I submit to their magazine. They wanted four images. I had three and needed another one. So I did this one quickly to have a series. Response has been minimal, but I have to follow my vision. I’ll be posting more about this on Patreon as I go forward.


Oakland at Night on Patreon

I’m new to Patreon. This is a way for people to support the work I do and become more involved in the process. I’m new to making videos, but I’m going to be posting videos of work in progress for patrons. Please check out my page:

This is a new venture and a work in progress, so any feedback is appreciated.

The painting below is the second in my series and I recently touched up the foreground. I  thought this would be a good project to take to Patreon and see if I can develop any support around it.



Oakland at Night (a new series)

I started a new series of Oakland at night. I pass through Oakland on the way home and take pictures. First up was Lake Merritt. I’ve done two. Originally inspired by a book I read on Van Gogh. I’m doing my own thing with it and not trying to copy his style. Usually it takes me a month to do an oil painting. I’ve done these faster. Underpainting in a day – wait til it’s dry (3 days) – then final painting in a day. These are so different for me, I’ve been unsure of them.


What I saw the night Van Gogh died.

I read a pretty thick book on Vincent Van Gogh by Marc Edo Tralbaut. It covered the life of Vincent Van Gogh and his work. I got to the point where he killed himself. I stayed up to finish reading – it was probably 2am. I went out on the back porch for a cigarette and saw this. Oakland in a hazy night. I decided to paint it. I kinda became obsessed. I told my roommate I was not going to try to paint this like Van Gogh. In working on it I just decided to give it a Van Gogh sky – without looking at the book. It just seemed right. I did not know where I was going with this but this is what I did. It’s Oakland not Arles, France so it’s just what it is. My view ala Vincent.


Easy Creole Art Car

I’ve been working on painting this car. I have never painted a car before and the whole thing has been a learning experience. So far my client (my roommate) is really happy with it. Deco-Goth was the idea behind this. The staff of the restaurant go to a Goth club in SF. So I was coming up with designs to go along with that. The car is basically an advertisement for the restaurant. I have one side left to do and it will be different from the other one. The car is a 1964 Mini Austin Healy.


Men Kissing


I published a book on Blurb, a small one 20 pages. It contains images I created for my Instagram following which is mostly gay, although some women have liked my stuff too. These have never been published before and I’ve only known them onscreen. It was exciting to see them in glossy color. This is just a first attempt at doing something with these images. I create more as I go along. My Instagram is @williamcricket – the book can be purchased on Blurb at this link:


AJ Davenport – a portrait


Recently I was able to visit this painting I did of my friend AJ Davenport. It’s at her place and I was there for a party. I remember the day we got together – I was in my old Victorian which I have since had to leave many years ago now – We drank wine and took pictures. She collects vintage hats and we took lots of pictures of various hats and poses. This for me was the winner. I made up the colors of the wall and sofa. My roommate said it reminded him of Hopper – the loneliness and colors. This is a painting of a dear friend and probably me at my best in oil.